The Gallery

The Gallery : Mother Love.

This week’s prompt is Mother Love.

This is a photo of my mom taking a photo of me taking a photo of her… you get the idea.

There are not words for me to express how I feel about my mom, how much she has done for me always but particularly over the last 18 months since I became ill. She has been the one that has always got me through, without a shadow of a doubt without her I wouldn’t now be at university making a new life for myself. She’s been there through the days when even putting a sentence together has been so hard I’ve wanted to scream, she’s been there on the days when I couldn’t see a better future, and she’s been there on the days when I’ve succeeded – always the first to congratulate me.

One of my biggest dreams is that I get to be a mom myself. If I’m lucky enough that it comes true I can only hope to aspire to be as good a mom as mine is.

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