Gluten Free

Gluten Free Goodies : Juvela Biscotti Bites.

Juvela have been producing great gluten free food available on prescription for some time. Recently they have decided to branch out and now operate an online shop stocking other gluten free goods. So far they stock a range of breakfast cereals and sweet snacks. They recently ran a promotion where the first 500 to request a sample would receive either Biscotti Bites or Chocolate Brownies. Never one to turn down free food I thought I’d give it a go.

I chose to request Biscotti Bites because I already know I can get good gluten free chocolate brownies from quite a few places. I was curious about how well biscotti would work with a gluten free recipes, most products have a tendency to be quite crumbly so I couldn’t imagine a gluten free biscotti would be suitably firm and teeth breaking.

When the pack arrived I was impressed to see it was a full size 200g pack, rather than a small sample pack. The contents of the pack had held up well against travelling via Royal Mail. I tried one plain first of all, and was pleased to see that Juvela have indeed managed to make their biscotti teeth breakingly hard. They’re a good, crunchy biscuit with plenty of almonds. I also tried having them for breakfast with my morning coffee, and they held up really well to dunking – again something that gluten free biscuits are typically bad at.

I really enjoyed this pack, but at the moment I won’t be placing an order for more. This new range from Juvela is only available from their online shop, the postage costs are fairly high – a packet of biscotti costs £2.79 and delivery costs £2.25 for one packet. On my current budget this means they are a treat I can’t justify, but I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is prepared to pay the delivery costs.

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