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Concord Free Press.

Over Christmas I read an intriguing post at Me And My Big Mouth about a publishing company that gives away its books for free and decided I had to check it out.

American based Concord Free Press currently publishes two books a year. There are a number of book stores in America that give these books away but if you can’t get to one you can request a book via the website and they’ll then post it out to you. There are only two provisos to this, they ask that in return for receiving the book you make a voluntary donation to a charity or a person locally in need, and that once you’ve finished the book you pass it on to someone else.

I loved the sound of this, and so I requested a copy of their current book Rut by Scott Phillips. Within a couple of weeks of me requesting it the book arrived and it’s at the top of my to read pile so I’ll be reviewing it later this week.

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