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The Kindle – My First Thoughts.

I, like many people, received a Kindle for Christmas. After reading some really interesting posts by other bloggers about their feelings about their Kindles I thought I would add my voice to the mix.

When the Kindle was first released I was really dubious about the whole concept, mine was one of the many voices bemoaning the fact that an ebook reader couldn’t possibly recreate the experience of reading accurately – the feel would be wrong, the smell would be wrong, the whole thing would just be wrong. I was quite happy to continue breaking my back on every train journey I took to visit friends (most round trips need 3-4 books I find) and using up my luggage weight allowance with books rather than clothes, shoes or other such practical things to take on holiday.

Time has meant that my feelings on the matter have changed a bit. I have realised that it is okay to love books and love gadgets, and that using an ebook reader doesn’t mean I won’t buy any books at all. Throughout 2010 I also began to see the joint problems that have affected my legs for years affecting my arms more and more, including limiting the size and weight of books I could hold to read. After having the opportunity to test drive an ebook reader for a couple of weeks and chatting to friends who had already been converted to Kindle users my mind was made up. It was good of Father Christmas to oblige really!

The things I love about my Kindle are:

  • I can read any book I want for as long as I want pain free.
  • My trip to London for my birthday and new years was much lighter without having to carry multiple books.
  • I can get as engrossed in reading on the Kindle as I do with paper books – I nearly missed my tube stop twice because I was so wrapped up in the book I was reading.
  • The fact that classics are generally free to download is encouraging me to think about reading books I’ve always meant to read but never gotten around to.

Nothing is perfect though, so for balance the things I don’t love about my Kindle are:

  • In the two books I’ve read so far the formatting has had little mistakes here and there; spaces in the wrong place, a single line of text split over two lines within a paragraph. None of these are big problems, but I do find they break my reading flow.

So far that is the only thing I’ve found that frustrates me a little. It’s a minor quibble, and definitely not one that would stop me recommending the Kindle. I am absolutely in love with my Kindle and quite happy to rave about it at length. I am aware that this may just be the wonderful honeymoon period though so I intend to follow Simon’s example and come back to this later in the year with another review once the honeymoon is over.

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