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Tolkien’s Letters From Father Christmas gets a new twist.

There aren’t many days that go by where I don’t find myself wishing I had an iPad. The hefty price tag leaves me doing precisely that however, I’m not sure I could have justified the luxury purchase when I was working and now I’m a student again I certainly can’t. If I did have one I’m sure I would be purchasing this.

Harper Collins have released an enhanced ebook version of J R R Tolkien’s “Letters From Father Christmas”. The book is a collection of the letters that Tolkien used to write each Christmas and post to his children, from Father Christmas. This ebook contains high res images of the original letters and the illustrations that accompanied them, some of the letters have not previously been published. The wonderful Derek Jacobi lends his voice to the project, providing an audio recording of every letter. I think it looks lovely, and I’m going to try and track down a paper copy of the original book – it sounds right up my street!

An extended sample is available for download here.

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