Halloween? No thanks!

This weekend has been my least favourite weekend of the year. The reason? I really don’t like Halloween. I went home for the weekend and thought I’d by and large missed it but no, my flatmates are holding a Halloween party tonight. This makes me want to hide away in my room, and more than likely that’s what I’ll do.

There is an assumption that because I like watching and reading things that feature the supernatural I must love Halloween. Well we all know what they say assuming, don’t we.

Masks are a big part of my problem with Halloween. I find them utterly terrifying to the point where I can feel myself getting more and more panic ridden if I see people wearing them in my vicinity. This isn’t just a Halloween thing either, I find cosplayers at conventions who are dressed as e.g. Klingons, Stormtroopers or the Alien from the Alien movies really scary and will spend all of my time watching over my shoulder to make sure I’m keeping a good distance away from them.

I’m also not fond of Halloween games, something which will be a big feature of tonight’s party. I find it hard to deliberately make myself look silly. I find it particularly hard with people I don’t know, and sharing a flat for a handful of weeks definitely doesn’t mean I know anyone.

So tonight I shall leave them to it and be glad that tomorrow it’ll finally be over for another year.

[photo from lobo235 here]

4 thoughts on “Halloween? No thanks!

  1. I know what you mean. I do, actually, now like Halloween – but that is quie recent and comes from having my own kids and taking them trick or treating. But I too don’t like the masks and find them threatening and scary. And I don’t like the underlying threat of trick and treating – that, if you don’t come up with the goods, we’ll damage your property. But, I do quite enjoy the ‘nice’ trick and treaters – the current and ex Scouts of mine who know they can come to ours and get serious confectionary! Even if I don’t always recognise them behind their masks!

    1. Yes trick or treating where I grew up was an excuse for some kids to act out which was never fun. I can definitely see your point about children, I do wonder how my feelings will change if one day I have my own.

  2. In Scotland the children go guising which is dressed up as whatever but for your treat you have to do a party trick like sing a song or tell a joke or something. It used to be kids singing “Hallowe’en is coming, the goose is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat” which I think is actually a modified Christmas song. I used to love Hallowe’en but it’s celebrated more in Scotland so maybe that’s why.

    What I don’t love is a cynical cash-in on it. The Australians never celebrated and the Swiss don’t but every year the supermarkets try their hardest to get you to spend you money on Hallowe’en stuff and make it more popular. That makes me angry.

    1. It’s really interesting hearing how different Halloween is in different countries. And I couldn’t agree more about cynical cash-ins. Not good!

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