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The Gallery : The Colour Red

I haven’t taken part in The Gallery for a few weeks, but now I’m settling into my life as a student I thought I’d get involved again. This week’s prompt is The Colour Red, with or without a Halloween slant. I’ve chosen to go without the slant, and instead pick this picture.

This poppy field is about 5 minutes drive from my parents’ house. Every year it is a wonderful sight when the poppies all come into bloom, but this year was probably the best I can ever remember it being. It was covered on tv, radio and newspapers – at the weekends people were driving for an hour or more to visit it and take photographs. Out of all of the photos that I took I think this one is one of my favourites – I have a copy of it stuck to my noticeboard above me desk. I love poppies and looking at it every day makes me smile and think of home.

8 thoughts on “The Gallery : The Colour Red

  1. Lovely pic. Reminds me of a birthday card that I got this year – a huge field full of poppies. Nipper was so taken with the image that he said he wanted to go there. So nice that it reminds you of home.

  2. Oh that really is a beautiful photograph and made me smile too. I can just picture a whole field of poppies. The almost look like they could ‘talk’!

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