No sense of direction?

I was greatly amused this morning to hear on my car radio that a survey out today showed that Aberystwyth is the worst place in the country for drivers who use their indicators. I have only lived here for three weeks, and in that short amount of time have been driven loopy by the fact that no one indicates. This happens particularly at roundabouts, which results in me sitting and dithering, wondering when it’ll finally be safe to pull out.

According to the survey it is a huge 74% of drivers who don’t use their indicators. I can’t help but wonder where the other 26% are currently hiding!

[photo from The Barbados Blog]

2 thoughts on “No sense of direction?

  1. That would seriously drive me (ha!) up the wall. The Swiss have no clue how to indicate on a roundabout (in fact they think that indicating on a roundabout confuses drivers so it’s the rule that you don’t) and I always get out of the car with a little less love for humanity these days.

    1. It’s infuriating isn’t it. I can’t imagine living somewhere that has it as a rule to not indicate on roundabouts – how does anyone know when it’s safe to go?

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