Monthly Round Ups

Reading Record : September 2010.

Another belated reading post, I really need to think about writing these posts sooner!

In September I read:

“Lockdown” by Sean Black.
“See Jane Date” by Melissa Senate.
“Slightly Single” by Wendy Markham.
“The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets” by Eva Rice.
“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins.
“I Heart New York” by Lindsay Kelk.
“Jenna’s Cowboy” by Sharon Gillenwater.
“The Disengagement Ring” by Clodagh Murphy.
“Chinese Whispers” by Marisa Mackle.
“Girl in a Spin” by Clodagh Murphy.
“Twenties Girl” by Sophie Kinsella.

Another month with 11 books, a lot of those were read on holiday and I can already see that now I’m at uni I’m not reading anywhere near as quickly. I need to find more time for reading in my days, I’m sure that as I carry on settling into my new routine my reading will pick up again.

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