Finished Object : Parachute Regiment Badge.

It feels like ages since I’ve posted anything crafty. I did make a card for my friends’ wedding, but I forgot to take a photograph of it so it doesn’t warrant a post. Last week however I finished cross stitching this:

It is the badge of the Parachute Regiment and I stitched it for my grandad’s birthday. He served with the Paras during the second World War, and then afterwards in Palestine. For as long as I can remember I knew about his military background, he has attended so many events to do with the Airborne Forces and over the years I’ve been at a fair few with him. When I saw this kit on a website I knew it would make an ideal gift.

Making this has not been without problems, much like most crafty pursuits. I was very disappointed when I opened the kit to find that it smelt very very strongly of smoke. The contents spent a few days out on the washing line before I could begin to try and use them. I contacted the company who supplied the kit, but to date I still haven’t had any response. I certainly won’t be buying from them again!

I ended up stitching this design twice. The aida fabric supplied was a mid grey colour, this was far too close to the colours of thread supplied meaning the design was quite lost. On top of this the threads supplied for the parachute and wings were almost identical in colours so all of the outlining was lost. After thinking about it long and hard (each time there were a fair number of hours of work involved) I knew I needed to start again. I used cream aida instead and used a different thread all together to outline the parachute and wings. By the time I’d finished the second version I was satisfied with the end result.

There are a few more pictures here with some progress shots and some photos of the details close up.

One thought on “Finished Object : Parachute Regiment Badge.

  1. My grandad was on 2parra during the war. I’m sure he served in Palestine too. I’ll have to ask him when I
    Next see him. What regt was your grandad in!

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