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The Summer Reading Challenge: “Lockdown” by Sean Black.

This was my fourth and final choice from the Transworld Summer Reading Challenge. Whilst chick lit is a favourite genre of mine I also love bloke lit so I thought it’d be good to include a new bloke lit author in my selection. Within a few chapters of this book I was very glad I’d picked it.

Lockdown is the story of Ryan Lock, a security expert employed by a company that is involved in testing products on animals. Within the early chapters everything blows up, the pace picks up and I found myself swept away in the story. I found the characters interesting and engaging, and the New York setting worked really well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will be looking out for the next instalment in the series. I think I’ve found a new must read author!

This was my fourth and final read for the Transworld Summer Reading Challenge, I’ve really enjoyed being involved in it and am looking forward to getting involved with any future challenges they hold.

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