Is it weird?

I loved Diane’s post on “things it’s probably weird I’ve never done (an incomplete list)” and it set me thinking about what I would put on my list. Then as I was musing I realised I should probably be blogging it myself.

For starters there are a few things on Diane’s list that I have to list too:

Been a bridesmaid – though this is now on the cards.
Been to a hen do – at the end of August I’ll be ticking this one off the list.
Had sushi – still pretty unsure about this one.
Watched Casablanca – I got as far as borrowing the video one time.

Then there come the other ones that I thought of:

Been to the Southern Hemisphere.
Been swimming in the sea.
Had my hair cut short.
Had to wear a plaster cast (which is quite a feat considering how many broken bones I’ve had).
Ridden pillion on a motorbike (definitely weird in my family).

I shall probably come back and update this when I get a flash of inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Is it weird?

  1. Ooh, great list! And I’m kinda shocked at swimming in the sea. (Says the woman who’s never drunk a cup of coffee…) I’ve never ridden pillion either, even though my dad’s had a motorbike for seven years. Mainly because I don’t trust myself to hold on tight enough…

    1. The sea has crabs that could pinch you and nip at your toes… I’m determined to get past this minor issue of mine once I’m living by the sea.

      Most of my family ride or have ridden bikes over the years, like you I’m always scared I might let go.

      1. I have to admit I probably wouldn’t be too keen to swim in the sea these days. (If you get to choose, the South of France is very nice though, very clear.)

        Am rather jealous you’ll be near the beach and that lovely sea air, though…

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