Monthly Round Ups

Reading Record : July 2010

I read three books in July. I would have sworn it was more!

“When I Was Joe” by Keren David.
I thought this debut YA novel was absolutely brilliant. I started reading it late at night and actually had to argue with myself to put it down because I needed sleep, I would have read it in one sitting if I could have done. Set against a backdrop of teen knife crime and witness protection the central characters are balanced brilliantly, whilst I felt sympathetic towards them at other points I wanted to shout at them and give them a well-deserved shake! Definitely a book I will be recommending.

“Before I Fall” by Lauren Oliver.
I absolutely loved this book. It’s a Groundhog Day type of tale, when the lead character is killed early in the book that should be the end of the story. Instead she gets to relive her final day again and again, each day she makes changes and learns more about herself and life in these repeats of her last moments than she ever had when she was alive. It’s beautifully written and left me thinking about it whenever I wasn’t reading it.

“Forbidden Pleasures” by Jo Rees.
Read for The Summer Reading Challenge I talked about this book here.

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