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The Gallery : Nature

I love this week’s prompt from The Gallery, it is simply Nature. As a proud country girl I love the outdoors, living for five years whilst I did my first degree in a place where I couldn’t see trees and hills and green was an absolute nightmare. I take lots of photos of nature too, I recently found the box with all my old photo albums and they were filled with photos of Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and other outdoors pursuits.

It’s been tricky to pick a photo because I have so many to choose from, but this is the one I’ve gone with.

I went for a weekend in May a couple of years ago to Talybont in Gwynedd, Wales and spent a couple of wonderfully relaxing days with the sea on one side and the mountains of the Snowdonia national park on the other. It’s a very unpopulated area so the beaches looked as deserted as this pretty much all day long. It was bliss to sit in the early Welsh summer sun with a pile of books and magazines, just doing nothing.

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