Reading Challenges

The Summer Reading Challenge

I have signed up to take part in Transworld Publishing’s Summer Reading Challenge. It’s very simple, after commenting on their blog post they have emailed me to confirm I’m taking part and I’ve told them the four books I want to read from their list of fifteen (and where I want them sent). I’m now waiting for the first book to drop through my letter box and then I can get on with reading.

The hardest part of the process I’ve found so far has been picking the books that I want to read. From the list of fifteen books I was able to cross of three straight away, either because I’ve read them or have them in my pile of unread books. A couple of them held no interest either because they were a follow up to a book I hadn’t read (Matt Beaumont’s “E”) or because I simply didn’t fancy them (sorry Mr McNab, I’m sure your books are great really). That left me with having to pick four books out of the remaining 10. After lots of thinking, and Amazon searching, I decided that these would be my choices:
Forbidden Pleasures by Jo Rees
After You by Julie Buxbaum
Lockdown by Sean Black
The Wish by Sasha Blake

I look forward to starting my reading, and I shall be reviewing each book here when I’m done.

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