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The Gallery : Holidays

I was introduced to The Gallery by Keris a few weeks ago. I think it’s lovely, every week Tara at Sticky Fingers posts a prompt for a photo, anyone who wants to then blogs with their photo for the prompt and then every Wednesday they get shared with everyone else. This week I’ve decided to start playing, the prompt was Holidays.

I’ve spent ages deciding which photo to pick for this, I love to take photos on holiday and end up coming back with far more than anyone else has any interest in looking at. In the end I decided on this photo from last year’s trip to Las Vegas:

It isn’t the best photo I took but looking at it I smile every time, remembering taking it so clearly. It is a section of the ceiling in the Grand Canal Shoppes, as you enter from The Strip. I took lots of photos of the ornate ceiling but found that my attempts to photo this circular centrepiece were hampered because I was having to take the photo at an angle. When we went down a floor into The Venetian itself I realised that if I stood between the two escalators I was directly beneath the centrepiece and could photograph it straight on. I commented that the ideal way to take the photo would be to lie on the ground but I didn’t want to look completely mad. I forget now whether it was me or Gemma who suggested she could provide a distraction (sing or tap dance or something similar) but I do remember laughing and then taking the photo still standing.

12 thoughts on “The Gallery : Holidays

  1. Great pic but this bit is unknown to me. I was last there in 1997! This is off the strip? In one of the hotels? Caesars? Ooh you’re making me miss the place and I just over it… 🙂

    1. The Grand Canal Shoppes is the top layer of the Venetian Casino / Hotel which is roughly opposite the Mirage. I would imagine a huge amount has changed since 1997, it seems like they’re never content to let it stay the same for very long. I think it’s definitely one of those places that once you’ve been it gets firmly under your skin!

  2. Looks fabulous. I’ve always been envious of those people confident to lie on the ground and put themselves in funny positions to get a great shot! Like you, I would have been worried about the impression it was giving out!

    1. Thank you. I have it on my life list – to be able to take a photo in the best possible way without feeling self conscious.

  3. I have been there and it is fabulous. I have a few shots around somewhere, but don’t think I managed to get any as good as this. It was hard alright:) Lovely photo:) Jen

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