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Books, Books, Books.

Since starting to blog here I haven’t really talked about books, I find this odd ‘cos normally books are a pretty big part of my life. I haven’t been reading anywhere near as much as usual since becoming ill, but the last few weeks I’ve started to see this change and I’m getting back to my old reading habits. I’ve been trying to decide what I want to do blogwise for books, I used to do a monthly round up of what I’d been reading on my previous blog and I think I’ve decided I’ll do the same. The lovely Keris has invited me to get involved at Five Minutes Peace so I think that will be a great opportunity to get back to the full reviewing I used to do many moons ago at Trashionista.

I have also commented here to take part in Transworld Publishing’s Summer Reading Challenge. I haven’t heard back from them yet (I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s just because I applied on Friday afternoon rather than I was too late) but I’m sure that as soon as I have I’ll be blogging here about it.

One thought on “Books, Books, Books.

  1. Oh, I look forward to your reviews on FMP Jenni. It’ll be almost like 2006 on Trashionista 😉 And I always like those monthly reading wrap-ups, too. Despite having too many books already, I always like new ideas! x

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