4 Years Ago…

Today sees the start of the World Cup and I’ve been thinking back to what I was doing when the last World Cup started. It seems amazing how much has happened in the time.

4 years ago I had recently finished my finals, and was waiting to find out what my degree result would be. I was eagerly looking forward to a few weeks of football before moving home and starting to look for a job in the field I’d trained in. One of my lovely housemates spent a week creating her own A2 wall chart, this included a lot of googling flags if I remember correctly (she painstakingly drew each one). I was also lucky enough to be one of the bloggers chosen to write a daily post for the World Cup mobizine produced by Shiny Media.

Now things are a little differently. I’m eagerly waiting the arrival of September so I can head off to Aberystwyth and start my degree in my new chosen field with my old career firmly in the past. My wallchart is printed and free from a newspaper, my lack of artistic skills prohibited me from even attempting to make my own. I have no need to write a daily post for this World Cup (do mobizines still exist?) though I’m sure I’ll mention it a few times over the coming weeks.

Whilst some of these differences are pretty big, to me the most significant differences are in how I feel. I left uni still feeling unsure of myself and who I was, and hiding most of me from the rest of the world. Over the last four years I have become more confident and happier, and I’m learning to be proud of all the sides of me. If I carry on at this rate who knows what I’ll have been able to achieve by the time the next World Cup rolls round.

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