Beavers’ Best Bits

Tonight at Beavers was our first meeting of the summer away from our Scout Hut. Every year during this half term we meet at our district’s camp site instead and enjoy lots of outdoors activities. The site covers 50 acres of woodland so there’s plenty of space for us to explore.

After our usual welcome we planned to take the boys on a walk to see all of the activities we would be doing over the next few weeks and to go over the ground rules that we set. We’ve got five Beavers who are currently in the process of moving up to Cubs and are feeling like they’re too grown up for Beavers now so we made them “leaders” and gave them three Beavers to be responsible for. They led us, after a fashion, to the archery range, the assault course and then down to the chapel instead of the shop. As we reached the chapel it started to rain, little droplets initially which soon turned into a torrential downpour. Everyone who’d got them put on their waterproofs, I had trusted the positive weather forecast and hadn’t taken one so got wet through.

My favourite moment of tonight was when we were walking through a forest section, winding our way down a hill. One of the boys turned to me and said, really excitedly, “Wouldn’t it be brilliant if there was a T-rex waiting for us at the bottom!” I could understand completely where he was coming from, the way the path was twisting and turning there was no way of seeing where we were heading to. I think we were both a bit disappointed to get to the bottom and only find an empty camp site waiting for us.

By the time I got home I had a load of new bruises and nettle rash, my hand has been shredded by brambles and I was soaked to the bones. None of that mattered though, it has been the best night I’ve had in a long time.

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