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Resonance Update.

Just a quick post to mention a few updates that I’ve seen in the world of new tv show Resonance. First up their Twitter feed has changed to @willyouhelp so any links I’ve previously posted for their Twitter won’t work any more.

A brand new website has been launched for the Resonance world. This includes tonnes of information about the show and the mythology behind it – the more I read the more excited I continue to get. There’s a page devoted to all of the people and organisations who are already helping with Resonance and a page linking to all the ways anyone else can get involved and keep up to date with news. For me the most exciting bit was seeing the trailer, most of the shots in the car park were filmed on the day I was there so it’s brilliant to see a first finished product with them.

Finally both the Resonance Twitter feed and Facebook page have posted the first code to be cracked:


I haven’t yet been able to make head nor tail of it, apparently there answer is on the website but I’m yet to find it. There is apparently a second code once you’ve cracked the first one, I’ve seen a few comments that it is fiendish in comparison so I’m not holding out a lot of hope that I’ll be solving it any time soon!

2 thoughts on “Resonance Update.

  1. It decrypts to “” using the ubchi cypher. However, that site is not up and running. nothing in the website sourcecode to suggest this is deliberate either.

    Hope that helps.

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