A blog a day? I’ll try again.

Despite thinking about blogging a lot during May I didn’t actually managed to get many words on to the screen. I realised one of the major problems with blogging was that when I was trying to get to sleep at night I would compose wonderful posts on all manner of topics and then realise days later that I hadn’t remembered to type them and couldn’t remember anything other than how good they were.

I’m going to try to develop a better structure to my days, hopefully this will include more consistent blogging. Until recently my days consisted mainly of watching tv and napping, with trips out for coffee as and when I felt up to it. I generally now have more energy, and my Sky planner is getting increasingly bare as the programmes I was watching (I nearly typed enjoying but that would have been overstating the case for some) have finished. Now that the weather is nicer I’m going to try and get out a bit more and enjoy it. I also have a lot of fiction ideas swimming round my head (and recorded in my ideas book) so I’m going to try and starting planning and writing something.

This will all work wonderfully until the weather changes or the World Cup starts, whichever comes soonest!

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