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I Spy Something Beginning With E.

At the weekend I ventured down to London for Keris’ book launch party for “Della Says OMG!” (I feel a review post coming shortly for the book). After getting off the tube at Charing Cross ready to meet Gemma I started walking down The Strand and was thrilled to see this in the window of Coutts:

I’d heard about Elephant Parade 2010 on Twitter, and after visiting the website bemoaned the fact I wouldn’t get to see it before it finishes in early July. It was a real surprise to stumble across one and I spent quite a while waiting to get a photo of the other side:

I would have taken this picture sooner, and better, if it hadn’t been for the entirely oblivious family who decided to set themselves up between me and the window to take what seemed like a hundred or so pictures. I was running early so I had the time to wait, and laugh at the lack of cooperation they were getting from their toddler.

I doubt I shall see any more of the elephants in real life, but I’m hoping I will see more via my London based friends like this one and this one by Anne-Marie.

5 thoughts on “I Spy Something Beginning With E.

  1. Ha, I thought from the title this would be something about the election. Nice to find out it wasn’t! πŸ˜‰ LOVE it, and the whole idea.

    1. It didn’t even cross my mind that election starts with E too! I don’t have anything to say on the matter that isn’t being said better somewhere else already. I do however have elephants πŸ™‚

  2. Fab post! I did see that Coutts one too but my photo was rubbish 😦 I spied some more in Trafalgar Square, will try and get some pics tomorrow

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