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I’m tired today after staying up watching the election results not come in, apparently my constituency declared about half an hour after I called it a night which is utterly typical. I saw this tv based meme on someone else’s blog a little while back and have been saving it for a day just like this.

A show that should never have been cancelled:
I imagine a lot of people answering this are going to be saying Firefly and I’m adding my voice to theirs. I came to the series late, but really wish there had been more.

A show that you wish more people were watching:
Ooh good question. Most shows that I watch have fairly healthy viewerships, I’ll always wish more people were watching Doctor Who though because that would mean there were always yet more people to have geeky conversations with about it.

Your favourite new show (aired this TV season):
It would have to be between Leverage and Castle. I’m not sure I could pick one of them as being a favourite though, and I get the feeling that if I was filling this in a few weeks later I’d be adding Justified to the mix too.

Your favourite show ever:
I always think this is a difficult question because there are so many varied programmes that I love, but it always comes back to Doctor Who.

A show you hate:
I think hate is a very strong word… there are a lot of American comedies that I’m not a fan of, things like Two And A Half Men.

Favourite episode of favourite TV show:
This seems to change on an almost daily basis, today I would have to answer Girl In The Fireplace.

Least favourite episode of your favourite TV show:
After much thinking I can’t answer this one. For each of the weaker episodes that I start to consider I start to remember all of the bits I love about it. Maybe I’ll come back and answer this another time.

A show everyone should watch:
Being Human, the more people are watching it the better the chances are of them continuing to make it, and I love it.

Best scene ever:
Again, so many contenders! I love the poison scene in Doctor Who’s “The Unicorn and The Wasp” and I love the scene from Buffy’s “Hush” in the lecture theatre with the drawings.

A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving:
Supernatural. I expected it to be a bit silly and light on plot, but it’s been a wonderful viewing experience that has got better and better with each season. I’ve caught up with the first 4 seasons now and am soon going to move on to season 5.

A show that disappointed you:
True Blood season 1. I had such high hopes for it and by the end of the first episode was feeling completely let down. I’m really glad though that I kept watching because season 2 so far has been excellent.

An episode you’ve watched more than five times:
Oh there are far too many so I’ll go for “In The Dark” from Angel, the first appearance of Spike in LA.

Favourite show from childhood:
Children’s Ward which then became The Ward. From an early age I wanted to be a doctor so a tv show set in a hospital aimed at children was my perfect viewing. Interesting to see Russell T Davies on its list of writers.

Saddest character death:
Without a moment’s thought, Mark Greene in ER. Just the thought of it has been known to move me to tears all these years later.

2 thoughts on “TV Times.

  1. I love Firefly too – such a shame it wasn’t given more of a chance. Have you seen Serenity? It’s brilliant. We don’t have the channel that shows Castle, which is a real shame as I love Nathan Fillion. A lot. I’m kicking myself that I missed the first episode of Justified…

    I *will* get round to doing this meme on my blog – ER will feature A LOT, plus Buffy (Hush is a masterpiece) and Angel, and other non-Whedon ventures….

    1. I loved Serenity. I was very sad about Wash’s outcome though 😦

      I have been looking back at this meme and already I can think of things I didn’t put in that I could have done. I think in a couple of months I may have to do an extended cut, bit like a dvd re-release πŸ™‚

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