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Little Gems.

The first few things I thought of to post about today were negative, and would have involved me moaning about something or someone (it has been one of those days). I’ve decided instead to be positive and share two things that have made me smile instead.

Tonight at Beavers the boys were all decorating door hangers. Most of them wrote messages along the lines of “No Girls Allowed” or “My Room My Rules”, sadly I can’t remember some of the more interesting spellings that they used. One Beaver went on a different tack though, and wrote out the ring inscription from Lord of the Rings. He then decorated the rest of the hanger with pictures of Lord of the Rings characters and told me all about his favourite bits from the first two movies (he’s watching Return of the King this weekend with his dad). My favourite moment was when he said “And… and then Treebeard and the Ents flooded Iceland!” Priceless!

Then there’s this story. It’s been circulating on Twitter for a few days, but I’m sure there are some people who might not have seen it yet. It’s the wonderful story of how the Make-A-Wish Foundation made the superhero dreams of a young boy with cancer come true. Stories like this are what the phrase heart-warming was made for, every tweet I’ve seen refers to the need for tissues and I’d have to agree.

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