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One Book One Twitter

After seeing the #1b1t tag on Twitter for a couple of weeks I finally decided over the weekend to google it and find out what it was all about (the fact that Neil Gaiman kept tweeting about it made me think it was something I might find interesting) and was really glad I did.

There have been a number of One City One Books over recent years, a communal reading program where a city chooses a book and everyone reads it at the same time. The city holds relevant events during the time that the book is being read e.g. discussion groups, author visits. It sounds like a great idea, but I’ve never been aware of it happening in the UK.

#1b1t is the tag for One Book One Twitter. The principal is the same as the city based scheme, it’s just been extended to Twitter to make it worldwide. The book has been selected via online polls, it is Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”. It all kicks off on 5th May, I’m not sure though what the weekly page count target is going to be. I have my copy of the book ready and waiting, I’m looking forward to reading another Neil Gaiman book (I’ve loved all of the ones I’ve read so far) and seeing how this scheme actually pans out.

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