I spoke too soon.

After having a successful shift at my new job on Wednesday I was looking forward to work on Friday night. I expected it to be a busy shift, but that it would be a good opportunity to meet more of the staff (lunchtimes have a skeleton staff). However, after 5 hours I couldn’t have been more happy to be on my home.

The rest of the waitresses were all very friendly, but sadly most of them were utterly lazy. Throughout the night when they were given a job to do they quickly made sure they were palming off the bulk of it to me despite the fact I was supposed to be running the food to the tables and the empty plates back to the kitchen (a job in itself that should be virtually non-stop). They were all far more interested in standing at the end of the bar gossiping.

The kitchen staff were not so friendly. I think they’ve all been watching too many kitchens and chefs on telly, time and time again I was getting shouted and screamed at when I hadn’t done a thing wrong. I understand fully that kitchens are a stressful place to work, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this sort of work. It wasn’t however a particularly busy shift and there was certainly no reason for the verbal abuse I was getting.

Talking to one of the other waitresses was very illuminating. She was keen to know whether I’d been shouted at yet by the kitchen staff and by the bar staff (thankfully I’d managed to avoid this one). She also told me that the pub has a very high turn over of staff, most new people leave within a week and those that last the first week don’t tend to last more than six months. By the time I got home and reflected on what a rubbish time I’d had and realised how much I was already dreading going back I decided to join the masses. I rang on Saturday morning and explained why I wouldn’t be going back. They didn’t even seem to care.

I think I’m best off out of that sort of environment, and I’m happy to be back at the drawing board instead.

2 thoughts on “I spoke too soon.

  1. That’s so sad when you come across a place that just doesn’t care. I think you’ve done the right thing. Better off out of it.

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