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A Day Out At Resonance

In my post about my weekend at the Hub 4 convention I mentioned meeting director Colin Teague and hearing what he had to say about his new project, Resonance. One of the things that he’d talked about was the online side of the project, so once I was home I signed up to the Facebook page and started to follow the Twitter feed. I was thrilled therefore when I received a message on Saturday inviting me to spend yesterday on the set where they were filming the pilot episode.

I’d never been on a tv set before, so to begin with the bustling nature was a little overwhelming. When I first arrived there were plenty of people around, they were all stood in little groups and it was hard to work out what their roles were. The two actors who were on set were rehearsing their scene, as soon as they finished and it was agreed they were going to film it all of the groups of people sprang into action. After watching the first couple of scenes it became clear what role each of the little groups of people was playing (some were easier to work out that others – the two girls carrying bags of make up for instance). I also found that the number of episodes of Doctor Who Confidential, and Torchwood Declassified I’d watched, and issues of Doctor Who Magazine that I’d read came in useful.

The filming was taking place in a multi-storey car park. Over the course of the day everyone moved up and down between the floors a number of times, before the final bits were filmed on the roof. I’d been warned to bring a warm coat as the car park got no sun and had a tendency to be a bit of a wind tunnel, within a couple of hours of being there I was really glad they’d thought to warn me. Spending the later part of the afternoon on the roof in the glorious sunshine was a very welcome change of location!

The atmosphere on the set was really warm and friendly. From talking to a couple of the crew it seems that I was simply the next in a string of visitors to the set but everyone was completely welcoming. Over the course of the day I saw 4 different actors plus a stunt double. It was interesting watching how they all worked, each of them appeared to have a very different approach to what they were doing. I spoke briefly with Aidan Turner and had the opportunity to have a little chat with Nikki Amuka-Bird, both of them were very friendly. Watching the scenes they were filming left me wanting to see more and know more about the story. For the stunts that they did it was fascinating seeing how they went from the initial rehearsal to the final shot they settled on.

The message that I got was that the production is really keen to engage with the viewers and to make the project as interactive as possible. It seems clear that seeing things like the fandom pulling together online to encourage the BBC to commission a full series of Being Human has inspired them to think about how they can draw people in and build an active community around the project. I for one can’t wait to see what comes of it all and look forward to being a part of it!

2 thoughts on “A Day Out At Resonance

  1. lucky person! You were on set and spoke to Aidan Turner, saw the acting and rehearsals…I’d kill for that! Being a mad Being Human fan (in a sane normal way) I’ve met the cast but just being on set would be the most amazing thing. I bet you have some wonderful memories. Is Nikki Amuka-Bird acting opposite Aidan (ie a main character)? I’ve not heard of her before.

    Please keep us posted on this…I’d love to hear more if you know about it..mum’s the word!

    1. It was a wonderful day yes, one I’ll remember for many years to come I’m sure.

      I knew Nikki from her playing Beth in the Torchwood episode “Sleeper” and Samantha Willis, the acting Prime Minister in Survivors. She appears to be a main character too, at least from what I saw on the day.

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