Not the day I expected…

I woke up this morning planning to go to the library before I had to collect my grandad from his friend’s house. All my efforts to get out of the house were going well until the doorbell rang. My mom had already gone out so I went and answered the door to find a man from a local drain company on the doorstep. The houses a little further along the estate were having problem with their drains and they thought they needed to access the drain on our property in order to fix the problems.

After a five minute fight with the rusty bolt on the gate I managed to let the drain men into the garden and they proceeded to create chaos as they found the drain cover and proceeded to try and open it. Our neighbours fence is situated over the drain cover so they had to get a little creative when they tried to lift it. Throughout the whole process the boss of the pair was very quick to throw his orders out and the younger lad just had to get on and do all the hard graft.

For the next few hours they (well the lad) proceeded to climb in and out of the drain, and poke sticks and pipes down it. Two or three times they disappeared – the first I knew about it was the van pulling off the drive, communication with me was very low on their list of priorities. Eventually they came to the conclusion that they were looking at the wrong drain, dropped the lid back almost into place and left.

My grandad looked at me as if I was mad when I tried to explain why I was a little late collecting him!

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