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A list of happiness.

Over the last couple of days I’ve loved reading posts by lovely bloggers Grace and Donna, both joining other bloggers in writing a list of the things that have made them happy this week. I love this idea, I’ve talked before about how I’ve learned the value of focusing on the positive and happy in life no matter how big or small. I can’t resist joining in so here, slightly delayed, is my list of things that made me happy over the last week.

Drinking coffee in the garden before it got too hot to be out there. Making headway with catching up with some of my favourite TV shows. Getting my hair done. Refinding my reading mojo and racing through a trio of books. Friday morning coffee and cake. Putting the finishing touches on my secret knitting project. Wonderful news from wonderful friends. Building geeky Lego. Watching the Beaver Scouts conquer the climbing wall. The cold side of the pillow. Sitting in the dark watching Ed Sheeran at Glastonbury. Walking into a job interview feeling confident. Walking out of the job interview feeling confident. Getting the phone call offering me the job. 

What would be on your happy list for last week?

Geek Stuff

Building brick by brick

Today I spent a lovely morning combining two of the things I love, Lego and The Avengers. 

I’d seen these Brick Headz ages ago and wasn’t entirely sold on them but then I saw a photo on Instagram of someone’s and realised they were actually pretty cool. When I saw them on sale in my local supermarket and noticed the was a Black Widow one I couldn’t resist. And of course I needed a Cap to go with her.

They were really good fun to build. They’re structured cleverly, I was impressed with the range of pieces they used and with the way they’re solid – I’d expected the inside of the head to be hollow but it’s actually filled with bricks.

They’re going to make a really good addition to the geeky shelves above my desk. I think I might have to add the Hulk and Iron Man ones that round out the existing Avengers range before long. 


Saturday song. 

Have you ever found yourself listening to a song over and over, loving it, then paying real attention to it for the first time and realising that all this time you’d never realised what it’s about? That’s what happened to me with this song. It’s on a couple of my current favourite playlists and I’d been singing along to it for ages before actually paying attention to the lyrics even though it’s been around for so long. 

Turns out the video is also a bit of a surprise. It fits the song but wasn’t remotely what I’d expected. 


To the very last stitch 

I’ve realised something today. I really, really don’t like finishing big craft projects. Now don’t get me wrong, I love them when they’re finished, love the sense of achievement that comes from completing something I’ve been working on for ages, but actually making myself finish that very last stage? Far from my favourite thing.

I realised this because I’m within an hour of finishing the secret knitting project I’ve been working on for the last few months on and off. I’m at the stage of casting it off, there are approximately 200 stitches left to cast off (I’ve already done about 500) and I’m finding every last thing I can find to do instead of them. It’s not even like I don’t have a huge list of exciting other projects to be getting on with once this one is done, I do.

It’s not the first time this has happened, the last few big projects have all ground to a near halt at their very final stage. The best I can guess is that I’m so used to working on them that I find it hard to make myself move on from them? I don’t know. At least this secret project is a gift which means I’ve got an actual deadline that it has to be finished by – there’s no way I can actually drag this out much longer. 


Artists for Grenfell single

Another music post today, but it seems wrong to blog about anything other than today’s release of the charity single Bridge Over Troubled Water by Artists for Grenfell. It brings together a whole heap of musical talent and is all in aid of raising funds to support all those affected by last week’s horrific fire.

Their donation link is here.